[CQ-Contest] M/S 10 Meter Contest - Question for Entrants

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> How do we stop this problem?  Personally, I'd rather not see a 10-min or
> 6/hr rule for the 10-meter contest.  I intend to improve my station (and
> myself) to the point where we ARE competitive under the current rules.  I
> just want to see everyone else play by the same rules.
> The technology is available today to easily catch this kind of violation.
> Let's just say it's mostly in the hands of government agencies with
> three-letter acronyms.  But I predict that contest sponsors will have such
> capability in a matter of 2-3 years, and I'd fully support them using it
> to publicly humiliate cheaters.

If ARRL is going to spend our dues money on such a capability, it would
be time to elect a completely new Board of Directors.

CQ could better spend the money getting their certificates out in a
timely manner, and hiring someone to receive and sort their mail in
a moon suit.

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