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Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Wed Dec 19 18:29:03 EST 2001

Maybe it takes a certain type to be a contester.  I never even take notice
of the "rude behavior" in contests.  Maybe it's become typical or expected
to me.  

But you have to consider that contesting IS a competitive sport.  Imagine
hearing a statement like "I tried to play football with those guys but
they were so rough and rude, after I got knocked down the third time I
quit."  I think there's a little of this in every type of competition you 
can think of.  Competitive people act differently in competition than
they do in regular life.  So it goes.

Now, who stole my frequency?  :)

73, Zack W9SZ

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Dennis OConnor wrote:

> My unnecessary reply is that his skin is w a y to thin, for contesting...
> > 
> > I received this e-mail after the ten meter contest, no comments
> > necessary. --
> > 
> > Hello
> > You have a great signal here in va.
> > I tried for a HALF HOUR to call you ands there are so many RUDE ops on
> > the air  that I will not likely take part in any more arrl contests.
> > I could not get through so finally just quit,  I would have like to
> > have given you a few points, and said hello:  but I guess idiot's just
> > do not care.
> > may desire to use hf, just got lessened. so much for the HI quality of
> > ham radio. 73
> > 
> > 
> > My reply:
> > 
> > Hello
> >  
> > Sorry to hear that we missed your call. This happens a lot in a
> > contest. We normal listen for everyone but usually the strongest gets
> > through. The ARRL contest are a lot of fun so they are very popular. A
> > lot of stations will be on the air and this does make things chaotic at
> > times. 
> >  
> > I also called stations that couldn't get my call, mostly in Europe. I
> > find it best to try again after a little while, sometimes the band
> > changes and they get your call right away, sometimes not. 
> >  
> > I hope you will try a contest again. You might try talking to someone
> > in your area that is a contester and ask what might help your results. 
> >  
> > If you are around next weekend we should try a sked. Let me know and we
> > can set up a time and freq.
> >  
> > Good luck.
> >  
> > 73 Rich KL7RA  

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