Fwd: [CQ-Contest] Logging Dupes

Jim Rhodes rhodes at evertek.net
Wed Dec 19 22:54:47 EST 2001

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, that I will not argue. However, 
when the dupe shows up because YOU logged a call wrong you are only hurting 
yourself. This weekend I called a ZF2 station and was told I was a dupe. 
That was the first and only time I had even heard him, so I know I wasn't a 
dupe. If I was in his log it was because he copied wrong. That QSO will 
cost him when he sends in his log because he is not in my log. I kind of 
compare it to body piercings, some people just like to hurt themselves.

>I personally will not log a dupe...Can cause op's to get lazy...I had
>several people tell me "Sorry, I wasn't sure if we worked before or
>not..." in ARRL 10 metre last weekend...That means THEY did not get it
>right the first time, or wanted me to take the time to look and tell
>them whether we have worked or not...Not my job and a big waste of time
>for me...I say log it correctly the first time...I've spent many minutes
>getting reports sent back over and over to MAKE SURE it is logged right
>in my log the first time...(One QRP Isreal station comes to mind... :-)
>Dupes are considered blemishes in my log...I therefore use F7 very often
>and then move on...That's my own opinion...

Jim Rhodes K0XU
jim at rhodesend.net

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