[CQ-Contest] Bad Packet Spots

Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg at contesting.com
Wed Dec 19 19:25:23 EST 2001

I think one would learn quickly that it's not very 
smart to spot the "call ins" on one's own frequency.  
There was an unwritten standard, at one time anyway, 
to spot them at the bottom of the band (e.g., 14.000).

However, like most things, there are many who frown 
upon this practice.

Mike N2MG

On Thu, 20 December 2001, "Fred Hoffert NA2U" wrote:

> I haven't used packet in a single-op contest in many, many years, but did so 
> in the 10m contest.  Sure, there were the usual number of busted calls.  But 
> in number of cases, I grabbed spot immediately and when I got to the 
> frequency there was another station running.  At one time there were two 
> spots for different stations and when I grabbed them I found the same 
> station was running on the frequency and that station's callsign was not the 
> one spotted either time.
> I remember using packet in my very early contest days when I was running 
> (VERY rare at that time) and I spotted a station that answered my CQ.  The 
> usual rush came to the frequency.  One of my fellow club members called me 
> and said, "Please don't do that."  I caught on pretty quick.  Never did it 
> again.  It seems that is what occurred with these spots.  So..."Please don't 
> do that>"

PeoplePC:  It's for people. And it's just smart. 

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