[CQ-Contest] Logging Dupes

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Thu Dec 20 00:11:09 EST 2001

I long ago came to accept, enjoy, and bask in the illumination that comes
from the other op when he starts to answer my qrp CQ and realizes halfway
through his call he has worked me and suddenly goes silent.

I don't even bother sending ? or QRZ?... :-)

Thanks for the partial call, though!

On the otherhand, after logging about a dozen dupe callers Sunday afternoon,
I let one work me without logging it.  After reading the inputs on the
subject, I am now sorry that I let him go unlogged.  I don't know what I was

dale, kg5u

> Quacks
> A common response that I use when somone is a dupe and discovers it after
> getting the call correction or otherwise is TNX anyway .  ( Its better to
> have you in the log twice than NOT once,  73 Have fun ) F1
> Rex
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