[CQ-Contest] Ft1000 MP audio output

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Thu Dec 20 08:50:34 EST 2001

At 07:23 PM 12/20/01 +1100, Eric Scace  K3NA wrote:
>Hi John --
>   This is a problem with almost every radio.  The original applications
for these line level outputs (phone patches, RTTY) do NOT
>want the transmitted signal routed back through the receiver output jack,
as it would cause a feedback loop (in the telephone) or
>garble decoders (RTTY terminal units).
>   Perhaps one solution is to simply mix your line input (transmit) audio
with the line output.  That, of course, requires some
>external hardware and doesn't work for CW; one would have to synthesize a
sidetone for CW.  This is yet another option for station
>trick boxes that interconnect computers with radios...

Actually, this isn't necessary with the 1000MP or Mark 5.  My Mark 5 gives
me received audio from the main RX on the left channel of the AF Out jack
and from the sub RX on the right -- since the sub RX also carries the
monitor audio, mixing these two channels in the sound card produces the
desired result.

John and I have been corresponding off-reflector about this.  For some
mysterious reason neither of his radios works this way, but I checked with
Chip at Yaesu yesterday and he confirmed that what I see is how it's
supposed to work, and there are no menu options that would prevent it.
Which leaves John's situation still a mystery for the moment.

For radios that lack this AF Out capability, there's nothing wrong with a
siamese adapter at the headphone output, other than the variable level.

73, Pete N4ZR

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