[CQ-Contest] Bad Packet Spots

Lee Hiers lee at dixieliner.com
Thu Dec 20 20:26:39 EST 2001

On 20 Dec 2001, at 19:32, Jamie WW3S wrote:

> I've been helping beta test the N1MM windows based logging program,
> which btw is very neat ( and free!). One of the "features" is the
> ability to spot all search and pounce qso's. 

That explains a lot of spots I see.  Is it also the program that 
enters the country prefix in the remarks part of the DX spot?

as in:

DX de N1MM          14.020 M1A       G

I assumed that was one of the cluster programs, but I guess it could 
be the logger.  I personally find it annoying.

But not as bad as:

DX de W1LID         14.020 UQ9AA
DX de W1WORSELID    14.020 UQ9AA     Busted call!  VQ9AA

Why?  Because I've already tuned to 14.020 and fixed my bandmap to 
VQ9AA and W1WORSELID spots the busted call again, screwing up my 
bandmap...or even my log if I'm trying to call the guy.  Grrr.

If you insist on letting the world know that you can copy better than 
W1LID, why not spot like this:

DX de W1OKGUY       14.020 VQ9AA     NOT UQ9AA!!

Or am I missing something?

I guess my real favorite is:

DX de W1LID         14.020 UQ9AA
DX de W1BIGGESTLID  14.020 UQ9AA     Busted!!

And doesn't even fix the spot...I'm gonna copy the other guy's call 
anyway, but "busted" spots like this are nothing but wasted 
bandwidth...and I especially hate 'em if W1OKGUY had spotted between 
W1LID and W1BIGGESTLID because of the "damage" done to my bandmap/log.

Some of the junk that makes operating with packet spots fun!

73 de Lee

Lee Hiers, AA4GA
Cornelia, GA

lee at dixieliner.com

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