[CQ-Contest] Re:"No English",Dupes

Salina Physician Anesthesia spa at tri.net
Sat Dec 22 04:41:55 EST 2001

I hope, however, that if
> I'm ever 80 years old and decide to brave the interstate at speeds of 55 mph
> that people will merely pass me and will not try to run me off the road. =)
> 73,
> Bridget, KS4YT

I always just put them in the log and find out later that maybe I made the 
mistake, but here's my story.  Age 62, some profound high pitch (consonant) 
hearing loss from long hours on a tractor as a kid.  So So contester with a 
pretty good station.  I don't like calling CQ in a contest as five people 
answer, I can't remember 6 letter/number combos, especially if given with a 
strong (non-English) accent, so I mainly S&P.  But after hearing Tunisia or 
other DX doing the S&P and I never get a chance to grab them, I often head 
into the fray, call CQ and sweat a bunch and ask for repeats.  (Unlike one 
of the Caribbean station I heard last contest who just let the pile run and 
then picked out 10 calls and then started over....I admire his skill). 

Anyway, I'm working away about 2 a minute when this PY calls me, I answer 
and he won't give me a number.  Finally replies, "No English".  I patiently 
tried to get a number and could sense his frustration, a nervous laugh.  
Someone lurking said "Give him a 1".  I finally move off frequency a bit an 
went on.  Wish there were a way to apologize. 

I had two Christmas parties in the middle of the 10M contest and ended up 
with only 1366 contacts so will never be a big scorer, but like the 80 yr 
old, I want to be in the fray.  Just have patience at times. 


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