Kelly Taylor ve4xt at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 30 03:49:13 EST 2001

My earlier post about the Golden Rule notwithstanding:

Jim raises the issue of impatience, which is also manifest in the number of
stations that tuning by will likely only hear "...Tango, contest" and
instead of waiting the three or four seconds it will take for me to CQ
again, dump in "Your call?: or "Again?" only to never be heard again
(meaning, of course, that we've already worked.).

C'mon guys, if you've got time to stop and ask who I am, you have time to
wait till I call again.

Which kinda takes us back both to to Jim's R.O. No.1 and N7BG's point about
miscopied call signs: If you don't know who you're calling, just shut yer
yap till you do.

Be all that as it may, it's dangerous to point fingers about dupes. Cuz when
you point one finger, you have three others pointing back at you. Work 'em,
log 'em, move on, and then dream about how to spend all the money you're
saving on hypertension medication.

73, ve4xt

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