Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Mon Dec 31 16:04:47 EST 2001

> You forgot my favorite.
> The running station types a call wrong. Since he is the one holding the
> frequency, he could not possibly make an error. Anyway this seems
> to be the
> opinion of most of the replies to this thread. Well unless someone is out
> there using my call in the contest, there is no way that I could
> be a dupe
> in someone's log.

Bravo!  I can't tell you how many times I've had to correct my call with a
CQ'ing station one or even two QSO's after-the-fact.

I find him CQ'ing...

I call him...
He answers with my call broken and sends exchange.

I respond with my call, my exchange

He TU's without giving my call and QRZ's or CQ's.

I call him again, but someone else answers his CQ/QRZ and he takes him

I wait.

He finishes the contact (I even heard a couple of them break THAT call,

I call again

He answers with my call correctly and gives exchange.
(At this point, one of two things happen depending on how much 'snap' I
think the guy has:
	1.  I tell him my correct call from his nrXXX QSO, or
	2.  I just send the exchange
He either:
	1a.  Doesn't understand and sends exchange again, or
	1b.  Does understand and thanks me and goes on CQ'ing, or
	2.  TU's my exchange and takes the next caller.

Yes.  The CQ station is not always right.

dale, kg5u

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