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Sun Dec 30 11:09:17 EST 2001

At 08:29 12/30/01 +0000, Al Crespo wrote:
>Pull off the motor way to write down a call and then  get back on the
>motorway, gee this should be a requirement for everyone. Why don't the
>mobile op's  just write it on their forehead and when they look in the rear
>view mirror they can see their log?
Gee Al,

If you log a QSO with T0T on your forehead that might work, and it might 
work for a few other magical callsigns, but most other forehead logging 
entries would look like Cyrillic when viewed in a rearview mirror.

Best way for mobiles to hand out an occasional QSO in  a serious contest, 
as I see it, so as to not cause dupe difficulties to those contesters that 
cannot tolerate same, might still be to pull off the side of the road and 
keep a log with a Big Chief pad of paper and a bold #2 lead pencil.

Unless something of the such is done, the poor unfortunate duped contesters 
will have to use the built in no-brainer features of their software to 
correct for duplicate QSOs at the end of the contest, and that is really an 
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