[CQ-Contest] 160m contesting ? Is it possible with 5 W and 80m Delta Loop ?

Valeri Stefanov wally at el-soft.com
Sun Dec 30 11:26:58 EST 2001

Want to share my experience in this year Stew Perry Challenge for those =
of you afraid of trying top band in contests.
I had to stay in Pleven and it was not going to be a serious =
There was no antenna for 160m ,so I tried to tune my 80m Delta Loop with =
the tuner of my IC 746. At the output power level of 5 W it was possible =
to put some signal on the air without tuner switching constantly off.

BUT it worked. It took me a lot of calling to make 20 QSOs for about 3 =
hours of operating time with interruptions. ( between 16.00 and 00.30 =
GMT ).
My congratulations go for  LY2HN who responded my CQ ing.=20
Also to  S50U(heard me after just one call)  and S50A,RN6BN,HA8IB.YU7BW =
who picked my call after a second calling.
Other stations worked were : HA0DU,HA5JI,OM5ZW, LY7Z,YU1RA, =
It took me some time to work some guys: HA0DU (20min), OM5ZW =
(30min),LY7Z(1 hour),HA8BE(1 hour), RA1ACJ(20min).
Stations heard but were not able to hear me : =
,G4BJM and G3VPH.
The noise level in Pleven is constantly at S 8-9 and there are a lot of =
man made noises, too. So, one may say it was operation in least =
favourable condx.
See you all as LZ8T M/S in CQWW 160m in January( if weather allow us to =
reach a contest location).
HNY 2002 to all of you.
de Wally LZ2CJ ( LZ8T & YM3LZ)

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