[CQ-Contest] Re: 2 dB more?

Salina Physician Anesthesia spa at tri.net
Sun Dec 30 17:41:31 EST 2001

Sitting here filling out a jillion reply QSLs and wondering: 

I have been using a KT-36XA in the last few contests.  Joke is that I've 
basically only worked 10M as I am really a DXer first and don't like getting 
a run going as I can't handle the mess.  However, it is nice to call into a 
pile and get in on the first call.  And then there are the weak stations 
that plead for a contact and they are in the QRN with syllables only.  A few 
dB more and?  Or would I just find another layer? 

So, it's no big deal to get the KT-36XA down, put up a M2 7 el 10M beam with 
1.99 dB more gain. 

Worth the price of the antenna? 


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