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At 05:19 PM 2/3/01 -0800, Jim White, K4OJ wrote:
 >REMEMBER though that if you pick up that multiplier on another band, you =
 >are stuck on it for 10 minutes!  Because the ARRL contest works this way =
 >you may not need the relays...if one of the operators is about to "seize =
 >control" for ten minutes the other op better know it first! In CQWW a =
 >random new mult here and there is allowed without a time constraint on =
 >sticking to that new band, ARRL DX is a whole nother ball game.


This is not correct.  The "six bandchanges per clock hour" REPLACED the
ten-minute rule.  Eliminating the "stuck on a band for ten minutes" was the
whole point of changing the rules.

FWIW, I think its good that the ARRL DX multi-single is different from CQWW
multi-single.  While I find the ARRL rule frustrating (like most everyone
else) its part of the character of the category.  CQWW is not
"multi-single", its "multi-1.5" since you're allowed two transmitters
transmitting simultaneously (albeit one working a mult).  Not meant as a
criticism, again its part of the character of the category.  If you don't
like ARRL multi-single, go multi-double.



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>From Michael Tope" <W4EF at dellroy.com  Sun Feb  4 03:53:45 2001
From: Michael Tope" <W4EF at dellroy.com (Michael Tope)
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 19:53:45 -0800
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Today's Radios
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Yes, Jim you are correct, the logging programs don't pick up contact
closures and turn them into band information (they only do the
inverse - that is turn band information into contact closures). This
information comes from the serial interface between the rig and the
computer. To implement that feature, you would probably need some
kind of PIC microcontroller to emulate the firmwae in one of the
modern rigs. A cheap alternative would be to compare the rigs
bandswitch info with the key closures from the logging program and
set off somekind of audible alarm if they didn't match. This would
prevent the operator from logging contacts with the wrong band
information (something that I often catch myself doing when running
without a computer interface to the rig).

BTW, I wouldn't mind having a copy of your modifications to the
TS-830. We have one at the local club station which I may pull out
of mothballs and play with.

73 de Mike, 

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 > In a message dated 2/3/2001 11:14:13 AM Eastern Standard Time,
 > W4EF at dellroy.com writes:
 >  > A neat mod for the C-Line or TS-830 that would make them more
 >  >  compatible with the modern contesting environment would be to
 >  >  add band decoders to them so that Trlog, et al could follow the band
 >  >  switch setting. This would also allow for automatic control of
 >  >  bandpass  filters and the like. I think W8FN did something like this
 >  >  to his TS-830 back in the late 80's by adding an extra wafer to the
 >  >  bandswitch (I think he extended the switch shaft thru the back of
 >  >  the rig)
 > I'm not sure how many people are about to chuck their MP's to get a TS-830,
 > but anyway:
 > Can the logging programs be set up to take a contact closure and turn it 
 > band information?  I thought they worked on the digital frequency 
 > from the modern radios.
 > On my TS-830 I added a modification that would pick off a voltage from the
 > bandswitch ( I think it went to the HF oscillator), and with the appropriate
 > diodes and a 2N2222 switching transistor, activate a relay if I was on 40 or
 > 15.  The relay would route the RF and control lines to one of two 
 > giving an almost instantaneous bandchange (you still had to peak the
 > preselector and tuning controls). The same principle could be used to switch
 > bandpass filters, antennas, etc.
 > If anyone is still interested I could dig up more detailed information.
 > 73  -  Jim  K8MR
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