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Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Feb 3 21:19:53 EST 2001

OK OK - yeah, six per hour is not 10 minutes minimum but...

...with packet assistance, it certainly is possible to have a LOT of bands
available to you for mults and the limitation to six per hour while not a
tne minute rule per se is indeed what you end up with as long as the mults
are there to work...I can esaily enviision this at grey line time when many
forms of propagation are coming into being simultaneously.

And I agree - this makes it an entirely different contest than the CQWW
which allows a multi-multi to just work mults on a non run band as they
appear, which puts the small time multi-single entrant at a disadvantage


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 > At 05:19 PM 2/3/01 -0800, Jim White, K4OJ wrote:
 > >REMEMBER though that if you pick up that multiplier on another band, you
 > >are stuck on it for 10 minutes!  Because the ARRL contest works this way
 > >you may not need the relays...if one of the operators is about to "seize
 > >control" for ten minutes the other op better know it first! In CQWW a =
 > >random new mult here and there is allowed without a time constraint on =
 > >sticking to that new band, ARRL DX is a whole nother ball game.
 > Jim,
 > This is not correct.  The "six bandchanges per clock hour" REPLACED the
 > ten-minute rule.  Eliminating the "stuck on a band for ten minutes" was
 > whole point of changing the rules.
 > FWIW, I think its good that the ARRL DX multi-single is different from
 > multi-single.  While I find the ARRL rule frustrating (like most everyone
 > else) its part of the character of the category.  CQWW is not
 > "multi-single", its "multi-1.5" since you're allowed two transmitters
 > transmitting simultaneously (albeit one working a mult).  Not meant as a
 > criticism, again its part of the character of the category.  If you don't
 > like ARRL multi-single, go multi-double.
 > 73,
 > Dave

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