[CQ-Contest] Sprint Solicitations

Randy Thompson, K5ZD k5zd at ma.ultranet.com
Wed Feb 7 00:54:42 EST 2001

There aren't many guys who "always win" but here is my opinion.

This is only a problem in the Phone Sprint.  On CW, we are all way too busy
having fun to waste time with trying to move people from band to band. The
phone sprint is interesting and different.  But it ain't CW.  Even so, I
can't imagine how this tactic would produce enough additional QSOs to
justify the effort or influence the final result.

If you want to operate a real Sprint where the guys follow the rules and the
quality of operating wins the contest (rather than ability to milk 20m
phone), see you on the bands this Saturday evening!

Randy, K5ZD

PS - There is a joke in there somewhere.  And an invitation!

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 > As an occasional sprinter, I'd like to hear from the guys who always win
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 > something they do?
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