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Tue Feb 6 11:55:36 EST 2001

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 >  As a CAC member, I believe that this is an item that slipped through the
 >  cracks.  I don't recall any discussion about the application to M/2--just
 >  M/S.  It might be something we should look at.

As the inventor (I think) of the X band changes per hour concept (as a
replacement for the 10-minute rule) I think you are correct that it was never
specifically discussed for M/2, although I consider it a logical decision to
have extended it to M/2.

My original suggestion was for a number of band changes greater than six:
something along the lines of what a moderately active single radio packet
assisted  guy might do.  I suspect that number is more like 20, but upon
studying of some such logs I think empirical evidence for a suitable number
could be found.  But the political decision was made to make the number six,
which in effect made it a ten-minute rule with a rubber clock.

What should be revisited, now that there have been several years of
experience, is whether that number six should be revised upward.

73  -  Jim  K8MR

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