[CQ-Contest] Contest Referees

Shelby Summerville k4ww at aol.com
Thu Feb 8 01:57:02 EST 2001

W4PA said:
As a person who is ROUTINELY IRRITATED by listening
to the same guys year after year conduct themselves
in an unsportsmanlike manner (particularly during
SSB DX contests) I say --YES-- by all means if we
are going to take this sport seriously, and I do,
then let's have some impartial judging for major
These "impartial" judges already exist as OO's! In
fact I know one that has sent several OO notices to
one well known contest station, only to be reprimanded
by this station for not knowing what he was doing! The
"win at all cost" mentality that has invaded the
contest community will never change, IMHO, until the
contest sponsors enforce by disqualification the type
of violations described above!
Shelby, K4WW

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