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Fri Feb 9 20:58:58 EST 2001

A quick stop by the PO box this morning resulted in the latest issue of CQ
Contest.  The front cover photo is PY1KN, PY5CC, PP5JR and PY2NY standing in
front of a lake at WRTC-2000 (Wonder if they did any fishing while in
Slovenia); and there is an article inside on PY2NY.

Feature articles:
Caribbean Tour 2000 (the Low Land DXpedition Team at V26B and 8P9Z)
Results - EU Sprint SSB & CW, Autumn 2000
Eritrea, E3, and the CQWW SSB 2000 (DL5NAM/E30NA & DF4RD/E30TA)
The Secrets of Success - WRTC-2000 (11 pages of text, charts, graphs, and
maps = detailed analysis of the top teams contesting tactics)
A Fall Outing - MW0SSS in the CQWW SSB 2000 (what high winds on a mountain
can do to a contest station, with pictures)

Regular Departments:
The Band Edge (editorial) - The Sunspot Cycle
Contest Clubs - Contesting in Northern California (NCCC history)
A Conversation With - Vitor Aidar dos Santos, PY2NY (re cover photo)
In The Beginning - Dimitar Terziev, LZ5AZ
VHF Contest Forum - Spring Cleaning for Your VHF+ Station

For those who need back issues of CQ Contest, there is a little ad that
indicates you can now order back issues; however, no details are provided.

73 & High Rates,
Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC

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