[CQ-Contest] Re: [MRRC] Future of Phone Sprint ???

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Sun Feb 11 02:51:23 EST 2001

Hi Pat and Jeff,

Tks for your input re the Phone Sprint!

Some time back I mentioned in a NCJ Editorial that we had formed a NCJ
Contests Committee made up of all of the contest managers for the NCJ
contests. Any topic that comes up that suggests a major change to one of the
contests is to be discussed and if necessary voted upon by the group. Only
the managers have a vote. I have no vote nor does the ARRL.

This topic falls in that area and the group has just started sharing their
views on the matter. If they feel they need input from the contest community,
they will most likely put out an inquiry / questionnaire -- one more complete
in its mailing coverage and explanation than what you received earlier on the

I cannot speak for the group but I know the hearts of the guys enough to know
that if the discussion took a heavy lean towards the kill button, they would
go public for input just to be sure they were do the right thing for
contesting as a whole.

I trust you will share this information with anyone that brings the matter up
with you again, Bob.

Tks! 73
Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV
Editor - K7BV

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