[CQ-Contest] call sign in contests

Rick Bullon kc5ajx at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 20 02:11:55 EST 2001

Thanks to all that responded to my question. I received 23 answers all but 2
went though the email list. There might have been more if the server hadn't
gone down :)
I think I made it sound like I hadn't decided to upgrade and that I was new
to contesting, I have been contesting for several years now ( mostly on 10
meters) and I have already decided to upgrade.
All the responses were great and informative ( except one which I didn't let
bother me).
Even though almost all the responses were sent to the list I thought I would
let you know the break down as there were so many.

                  12 for changing my call
                   6 for leaving it as it is
                   6 telling me how to form a club station and get
                     a second call

Well I have decided that I like my call no matter how long it is so I will
study for the test and upgrade but keep my call. If a REALLY good shorter
call come to my attention I might think about maybe changing my call but
until then it will still be KC5AJX.
So look for me in the contests ( as soon as I get the tower up, but that is
another subject for another list)

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