[CQ-Contest] NEW RULES of Open Ukraine RTTY Championship

Vladimir A. Gordienko gord at kron.donetsk.ua
Sun Feb 25 16:31:26 EST 2001

Attention!  NEW RULES!!!

                   "OPEN UKRAINE RTTY CHAMPIONSHIP'2001"

1. Date:          22-00 GMT 03-mar-2001 - 01-59 GMT 04-mar-2001. Only 4 hours.
                   The CONTEST include 4(four) tours, first tour from 22-00 -
                   22-59 GMT, second - from 23-00 - 23-59, third - from 00-00 -
                   00-59 and fourth - from 01-00 - 01-59.

2. Band's:        1,838 - 1,848 MHz; 3,580 - 3,620 MHz.

3. Mode:          RTTY (BAUDOT).

4. Call:          CQ UKR. Attention! Repeated QSO with the same participant it
                   is possible to make on different bands and on each next 

5. Exchange:      Two letters - the abbreviation of region (state, canton,
                   province, land, uyzd, district, county, lan, etc.) + serial
                   number starting from 001. Numeration of QSO is single 
for all
                   tours. For example:
                   Poltava region (Ukraine)-PO001; Ancona (Italy)-AN021;
                   Alsace (France)-AL035; Gotlands lan (Sweden)-GO123.

6. Scoring:       2 points for each contact on each tour + 10 points for new
                   region (province, canton, district, etc.) on each bands and
                   each tour.

7. Final scoring: Sum total on 3,5MHz + sum total on 1,8Mhz.

8. Classes:       A - single operator, two bands, one transmitter;
                   B - single operator, 1,8 MHz, one transmitter;
                   C - single operator, 3,5 MHz , one transmitter;
                   D - multi operators, one transmitter.

9. Awards:        Diploma "CHAMPION OF UKRAINE RTTY'2001" - first place for
                   classes A and D; Awards "UKRAINE" - top ten station for all

10. Logs:         All operators in any class must send separate logs for each
                   band worked, as well as dupe sheet if needed and summary
                   sheet. Comments, anecdotes and suggestions will be welcomed.
                   All LOGs entries must be postmarked or E-mailed by 

11. Note:         We shall make the control each of LOG's with use special
                   software and computer, therefore it is desirable LOG to
                   execute on an adduced breadboard model. This form LOG is
                   convenient for direct input of the information in the
                   computer. Format - ASCII (is desirable). Prepared LOG it is
                   desirable to grant as a file through E-mail, for fast
                   processing and definition of results this CONTEST.
                   For example:  file - sm1zzz.80

            CONTEST LOG 3,5 MHz SM1ZZZ Gotlands lan (GO),

SM1ZZZ  2200  UX0FF   GO001  OD003  A
SM1ZZZ  2203  DL1AAA  GO002  ZZ010  A
SM1ZZZ  2205  RK9CWA  GO003  SV030  A  etc.

                   Summary sheet will show all required information,
                   file - sm1zzz.sum
                   All files will be zipped (Zip, WinZip) in one file -
                   "mycall.zip" (for example: sm1zzz.zip)
12. Address for
     LOG's:        GEORGE IGNATOV (UT1HT), P.O. Box 87,
                   KREMENCHUG-21, UKRAINE, 39621.
                   E-mail: krs at krs.poltava.ua

    tions:         Violation of the rules; Unsportmanlike behavior.

                   We do hope to meet you in the
            and please kindly inform your friends about
                       rules of this Contest!

                      Welcome to the Contest!

P.S. See result of 2000 contest on www.krs.poltava.ua/contest

Best regards,
  George UT1HT                            mailto:krs at krs.poltava.ua

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