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Barry Kutner w2up at mindspring.com
Sun Feb 25 21:32:55 EST 2001

There has to be more to it than the absolute distance to Europe,
and having sunset 20-30 mins earlier on the coast. I remember
when I lived in NH, about 1 mile from the ocean, EU was LOUD on
my attic dipole - frequently louder than here in eastern PA (abt 60
miles from the ocean) with my TH7 stack.
Also, a few years ago, I operated CQWW CW from K8AZ (only abt
60 miles or so west of K3LR, I believe), and commented to one of
the guys, "I can't get a good run going on 40, only 6-70/hour." His
answer was "welcome to 8-land!"

On the other hand, the Gs may be the last signals heard on 40,
being further west, but the southern EUs are frequently louder (and
they're not all running Italian "300W" amps, are they?). If that's the
case, why is it advantageous to be in W1 vs. W4?

Part of the answer is likely to be how close the signal passes over
the pole/auroral zone. Other ideas?

73 Barry W2UP

On 25 Feb 01, Tom Frenaye wrote:

 > The discussion about K3LR and W3LPL on 40m is interesting.  K3LR said,
 > "There IS quite a distance difference between W3LPL and K3LR, with LPL
 > being much closer to Europe than LR."  Don't assume that LPL is much closer
 > to Eu  than LR...   LR is actually closer to Moscow/UA3 than LPL is.   LPL
 > is closer to western Europe by less than you might think.
 >                                   W3LPL           K3LR
 >                                   39.28n77.02w    41.18n80.5w
 > CT      38.7n  9.2w             3555mi          3674mi
 > CU      37.7n  25.7w            2742            2888
 > DL      50.7n  7.0e             3959            4009
 > EI      53.3n  6.3w             3366            3418
 > UA3     55.8n  37.6e            4839            4827
 > UT      50.4n  30.5e            4852            4869
 > Calculations done using a tool here:
 >            http://www.wfu.edu/albatross/gcircle/calcfull.html
 > Even KC1XX and K1AR(@K1EA) differ on which is closer to Eu.  XX is closer
 > to northern and eastern EU...
 >                                   K1AR at K1EA       KC1XX
 >                                   42.4n71.57w     42.73n71.77w
 > CT      38.7n  9.2w             3211mi          3216mi
 > CU      37.7n  25.7w            2419            2427
 > DL      50.7n  7.0e             3598            3596
 > EI      53.3n  6.3w             3004            3003
 > UA3     55.8n  37.6e            4495            4488
 > UT      50.4n  30.5e            4497            4492
 > My thinking is that some of the advantage LPL has over LR has to do with
 > sunset times on 40m.  LPL's sunset is 11 minutes earlier than LR's (5:47pm
 > vs 5:58pm) - enough for 15-20 QSOs each night perhaps (and LR gets to deal
 > with more QRM as the band is open for more USA stations).   But XX and AR
 > (5:21pm/5:20pm) get a 17 minute advantage over LPL, along with even less
 > QRM.  And VE1ZZ has a sunset 45 minutes earlier than that...
 > Another way to look at it.   Say that 40m is open to Europe from 60 minutes
 > before sunset local time until 06Z (average sunrise time in Eu).  That
 > means LPL has 9:13 of Eu openings vs 9:02 for LR, each night.   At the 1700
 > QSO level, that difference (about 2%) might amount to 35 QSOs (sure, lots
 > more variables than I'm describing but I hope I made general sense - LPL's
 > path is over water more of the way also).
 > These are fairly small differences, but they add up over the course of 48
 > hours, assuming the operator(s) are able to capitalize.
 >                           -- Tom
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