[CQ-Contest] RE: Click, click, click...

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Sun Feb 25 18:37:56 EST 2001

 > I must be blessed.  I'm not hearing the alleged awful signals unless I'm
 > within a couple of KHz.. The DSP seems to be causing the click as I go
 > to bypass and the click goes away.  The AGC pumps pretty badly at times
 > but once again only when I'm operating close to a strong station.
 > The ringing of the synthesizer is another interesting aspect.  In the
 > cellular industry we have used the ringing to "fingerprint" mobile
 > phones and eliminate fraud caused by cloning.

Hmmm...'pumps pretty badly'....

I wonder how many people ride their RF gain?

I usually run along with my RF gain backed down to about 2:30 or 3:00
o'clock position (5:00 o'clock being max).  It's a lot less noisy, lot less
'thumpy' and I still can hear the really weak ones as I try to will them to
hear my QRP signal.

Would backing off on the RF gain help with the clicks that are being
discussed at length?

dale, kg5u

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