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K9TM k9tm at buckeye-express.com
Sun Feb 25 19:53:57 EST 2001

 > And along K3MMs speed reduction I have seen more and more of the 40 wpm
 > guys who will waste 30 seconds  of time resending their call for repeated
 > requests.  Apparently they just cannot slow down a little so the guy can
 > copy. I'll bet a single call sent at a reduced speed would get the call
 > thru where 10 repeats at 40 won't
 > 73 Jim

If I am on the sending end, how do I know why the guy didn't get my info???
Was it QRM, QSB, I'm weak, he can't copy as fast as he/she is sending,
he/she can copy faster than they are sending.... and so on.

CW sending speed is a different item than what Dave mentioned.  There is an
easy way to get people to slow down, send QRS or QRS PSE.  Two people sent
it to me during DX CW from WP2Z... and I slowed down (speed was usually set
to 34-36 on Sat and 30-34 on Sun).  If everyone who wanted a repeat wanted
it because we were going too fast, then they too should have sent QRS.
There is no shame in sending QRS, if it is what is required to complete the
QSO... then send it.  To assume that everyone who asks for a repeat or sends
at a slow rate needs the exchange at 20wpm or less... well, I don't believe
it.  I often ask for repeats but not because of the speed of the sender,
usually some other thing (I sneezed, coughed, QRM, QRM in the shack, etc)...
if I do need you to slow down, I will send you QRS PSE.  There are people
who when I ask for a repeat send at some really slow speed, which really was
not necessary and wasted time for both of us.

Back to the original post problem, I have more problems with the quick
trigger people in the sprint than anywhere else.

73 Tim K9TM

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