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Kurt Andress K7NV at contesting.com
Sun Feb 25 18:44:34 EST 2001

"James P. Cassidy" wrote:

 > I think K8CC and K3MM have the answer. Why can't the calling op delay his
 > callsign trigger enough to solve the problem.  I think in some cases the
 > button is pushed before the CQer is thru his call or K or test or whatever.
 > It should be apparent that if many are not responding to a whole call that
 > your doing it too fast.

I agree with this assesment. I log 50 or so OA's during my JA runs. Those
OA boys are way more plentiful than you think. When I was a youngster I'd
have OA on all bands the first day :-)

 > And along K3MMs speed reduction I have seen more and more of the 40 wpm
 > guys who will waste 30 seconds  of time resending their call for repeated
 > requests.  Apparently they just cannot slow down a little so the guy can
 > copy. I'll bet a single call sent at a reduced speed would get the call
 > thru where 10 repeats at 40 won't

How about this...
There are at least a dozen eastern EU stations I don't call on 20M
(probably a few less on 15) in every DX contest because either the auroral
flutter or multipath (in the mornings on 20), or both, make them unreadable
at high speeds. I copy code ok, but that jibberish is undecipherable,
doesn't matter if it is 20 over 9, still can't copy it.

I've asked many to QRS, but no joy, they're too busy calling CQ for that!
I wouldn't think twice if they were working someone after every Cq or 2,
I'd just go work someone else, but 5 or 6 CQ's with no answer, and the one
guy trying to work them asks for a QRS, and there's no time to do that?
Ok....? Are we in this contest for the same reason?

I probably work some of them later when condx are different, maybe not, who

Another one of my personal favorites, is the guy that shows up in the
afternoon out of South America, sending with the keyboard at 50 wpm and the
weighting set so light that the dits and dahs sound the same. I think he's
on just to have fun collecting the perfect pileup, a silent one, they are
real easy to manage.

I'll QRS when asked, that's only one or two PgDn's in TR, well worth the q.

73, Kurt, K7NV

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