[CQ-Contest] ARRLDX CW - A new operating practice

Jeffrey Clarke ku8e1 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 26 06:55:55 EST 2001

IK4WMH wrote :

Hi everyone,a few days before ARRL CW Contest I checked my logbook
program searching for unreplied qsl cards during the years.
I focused on those qsl cards sent via the bureau for contest qso's in
the years up to 1997, I believe a 4 years period is long enough to get
a qsl card via the bureau. The result was a list of about 60 u.s.
callsigns and a couple of canadians who never replied to my qsl cards.
Then I created a new multiplier called QSL, and filled the ARRL 2001
CW contest log file with these callsigns on all bands, as if I already
worked all these guys and they all sent me this strange multiplier.
During the contest I was mainly doing S&P, and when I found a station
which was already in the log and marked with the QSL multiplier I
turned the knob.
A few of these are well known big multi-multi stations, so giving the
fact that some of them probably have 600+ mults worked, that I worked
on 3 bands, and that each qso is 3 points worth, those stations lost
5,000 up to 6,000 points. I am not going to write callsigns, they know
who they are. Contesting is funny, receiving qsl cards after contest
qso's is also funny. During the last weekend, while carefully avoiding
to work those guys,I had a lot of fun.
Whoever called it necking was a poor judge of anatomy.
Steve, IK4WMH
            mailto:topdxer at tin.it


    I think that's a pretty unfair thing to do - everyone doesn't use
the QSL buro. If you wanted a card bad enough you should send it direct
with a SASE/IRC... I bet 90% of those people will answer you...

There are many people who are just not interested in collecting QSL
cards... myself included. I do not even use the QSL buro and I never
tell anyone to send me a card via the buro. If you mail a card direct
with a SASE/IRC's ... I will return you a card but otherwise you are
out of luck !
                        Jeff KU8E

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