[CQ-Contest] ARRLDX CW - A new operating practice

Barry Kutner w2up at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 27 00:54:24 EST 2001

This is a twist on an old saying:
A QSO is the final courtesy of a QSL!

I don't blame Steve one bit.  How many of the QSOs you make in a
contest are active contesters? Maybe half?  Why are the others
giving you a QSO? Some are just working stations up and down
the band. Others want your QSL for whatever reason.

I return QSL all buro cards received. I've noticed the result in some
of the serial number contests. For example, the first night I work
DL1XXX, he gives me 599008 on 40. The next morning I work him
on 10, and he gives me 599021. Three hours later on 15, he gives
me 599028. Another hour later on 20, 599035.

This happens regularly. Here are a bunch of guys, who have my
QSL, who are searching the bands and giving points to the guys
who returned their QSL. They appreciate my card. I appreciate their

73 Barry W2UP

On 26 Feb 01, Jeffrey Clarke wrote:

 > IK4WMH wrote :
 > Hi everyone,a few days before ARRL CW Contest I checked my logbook
 > program searching for unreplied qsl cards during the years.
 > I focused on those qsl cards sent via the bureau for contest qso's in
 > the years up to 1997, I believe a 4 years period is long enough to get
 > a qsl card via the bureau. The result was a list of about 60 u.s.
 > callsigns and a couple of canadians who never replied to my qsl cards.
 > Then I created a new multiplier called QSL, and filled the ARRL 2001
 > CW contest log file with these callsigns on all bands, as if I already
 > worked all these guys and they all sent me this strange multiplier.
 > During the contest I was mainly doing S&P, and when I found a station
 > which was already in the log and marked with the QSL multiplier I
 > turned the knob.
 > A few of these are well known big multi-multi stations, so giving the
 > fact that some of them probably have 600+ mults worked, that I worked
 > on 3 bands, and that each qso is 3 points worth, those stations lost
 > 5,000 up to 6,000 points. I am not going to write callsigns, they know
 > who they are. Contesting is funny, receiving qsl cards after contest
 > qso's is also funny. During the last weekend, while carefully avoiding
 > to work those guys,I had a lot of fun.
 > --------------------------------------------------
 > Whoever called it necking was a poor judge of anatomy.
 > --------------------------------------------------Ciao.
 > Steve, IK4WMH
 >             mailto:topdxer at tin.it
 > Steve,
 >     I think that's a pretty unfair thing to do - everyone doesn't use
 > the QSL buro. If you wanted a card bad enough you should send it direct
 > with a SASE/IRC... I bet 90% of those people will answer you...
 > There are many people who are just not interested in collecting QSL
 > cards... myself included. I do not even use the QSL buro and I never
 > tell anyone to send me a card via the buro. If you mail a card direct
 > with a SASE/IRC's ... I will return you a card but otherwise you are
 > out of luck !
 >                         Jeff KU8E

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