[CQ-Contest] Re: single op's and internet

Patrick Barkey PBARKEY at gw.bsu.edu
Tue Feb 27 08:45:16 EST 2001

I think K5ZD is making a very important point about what
it means to be single op in a HF contest.

[By the way, all of these comments are simply my opinion,
and are the way I wish the rules actually read, not what
they mean now].

HF contests are conducted using technology which is now
completely obsolete.  We know that other forms of
communication (e.g., internet, satellites, telephones) are
superior, but we use HF because it is challenging and fun.

If you use any form of communication other than HF during
a contest, you are playing a different game.  That may make
it more fun for you, which is fine.  But in the world of SOAB
DX contesting, we are playing HF radio, not the information

    - Pat

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