[CQ-Contest] SO2R Advice

Clive Whelan clive_whelan at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 28 00:59:34 EST 2001

5B4ADA Ivo PEZER wrote:

 > I am trying to finalize my SO2R station

You don't say which mode which may be quite important.

I am still learning the trade, but my most recent setup, which I
like, is contained within a space of 1600mmx800mm, although the
bench is actually longer.

The monitor ( 14 inch) sits in the centre directly in front of
me and at eye level. The run radio sits to the right and the S&P
radio to the left which is OK for the right handed CW operator.
All these items are on the lowest level,as operational units and
only things like ATUs, clocks, lamps, switches etc are on the
next level. The amplifier would also be up there if I used one.

The keyboard is directly in front of the monitor, on what is an
ex office computer desk about 60mm below the main level. My
paddle sits directly to the right of the keyboard.

Both transceivers are raised about 30mm at the front on "bails"
to aid visibility of the display, as I like to sit quite high on
the operating chair.

The computer is actually on the floor in the foot well of the
desk, as it doesn't usually get touched in the course of a

We probably all have different ideas mind you.

And oh yes the dogs sleep on bean bags under the desk on the
left hand side; most important, they are part of the team!

Good luck




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