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Someone help me out, I seem to be confused....

We are all talking about this thing called a contest.  The objective of the
"contest" is to maximize ones score (within the rules).  These same
"contests" have rules which say that there are things called multipliers
(let's use the per band variety).

What is it that says that only the big multi's can ask someone to try a
different band?  (This is common in NAQP and there is no such thing as
multi-multi or KW's)

Who are those so naive to believe that while the person is working on
another band, they have to disappear from where they are currently running?
(ever hear of multi-ops or SO2R or SO(n)R?)

What is so unfair or unethical about asking someone to try another band?  It
is, after all, their choice.  Also, it is encouraged by the rules by making
multipliers count per band.  Why not work someone on scatter or longpath or
whatever it takes to make the QSO?

The other item here is that you are all assuming (bad word in my book) that
this other station is calling CQ to be found.  What if they get on and s&p
for a while.  How would they be found on another band if they never went
there (perhaps because no-one asked?).  Maybe their goal is to help out by
providing points to others in the contest.

I am more upset by the comment from one of the people that they find this
practice (mult passing) so offensive, yet if they were on a remote island...
they would do it for 3 or 4 of their buddies.  What the heck did that add to
the contest?  If it is such an offensive practice... why would you consider
doing it at all?

BTW, just to make sure I wasn't losing it... I looked up "contest" in the
dictionary... "a fight, game, debate, etc. in which persons or teams compete
with one another to determine the winner".  I feel better, I'm not losing
it. :-)

If people feel this strongly why don't they press to have the rules changed
so that multipliers either don't exist or are once per contest (thus no
reason to pass other than for qso points) or push for rules to make it qso's
once per contest (ala SS)?  Of course these people would probably press for
0 (zero) point QSO's as well... at which point why bother to have a contest?

Personally, I don't want all contests to be the same (boring)!  They all
have their own flavour.  Learn to savour the flavour of various contests.
Variety is the spice of life :-)

Tim K9TM

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 > On Mon, 26 Feb 2001 22:41:03 -0800, Leigh S. Jones wrote:
 >  >It's just too inefficient.  A terrible waste of DX.  We should let
 >  >the market forces work, and do away with the big monopolies,
 >  >because the monopolies would make bigger scores in the end
 >  >if the practice were universally abandoned.  They just can't
 >  >unilaterally abandon the practice without hurting their scores.
 > The way to make the market forces work is NOT to outlaw stations from
 > asking a multiplier to go to a new band.  Rather, the multiplier (or
 > QSO) must refuse under all circumstances to let him or herself be
 > passed.  *These* are the market forces at work.  If stations refuse to
 > move, then the practice will be viewed as futile, and eventually die.
 > But telling the "big monopolies" to stop asking is like telling
 > baseball players not to ask for more money every year.  As long as the
 > market continues to pay them ever-increasing sums of money, the
 > salaries will continue to rise unabated.  If the owners and agents
 > would just stop giving in to the high salary demands, either they quit
 > and find a new job, or stop asking.
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