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Opposed to internet, telephone and satellites that represent an
efficient but commercial media with owners that want to be payed and
control the system, in a side, and "ignorant" users that are not
required to know how the system works in the other, the HF
communication has two terminals, requires that operators know how does
it work, and pretends that they do their best with equipment and skill
since nothing else than individuals and waves propagation are available.
In a modern contest station (think about a number of well known MM but
also several SO) modern and technological devices have their place,
when not the station layout or the antennas are the result of software
modeling, plans or/and very experienced but "evoluted" skilled
operators thought carefully how to to everything in the most efficient
way, even the smallest detail.
For general contesting, the assumption that pure operating ability has
to be the only meter for contest competitors and the (vane) attempt to
limit everything in what's around the human beeing is a bit narrow
minded and utopistical.
Only WRTC approaches somehow a real plain field but in normal events
that situation is practically impossible to be obtained.
In any case "hears, brain and ability" are not esclusive features of
HAMs that are instead (presumed) to have also interests with radio, in
modern techniques of communications, in all the tools that are useful
to improve their knowdledge and their contest results.
If we want to be realistic, contesters should have the chance to use
legally more of the modern "weapons", otherways bad customs like the
packet abuse in unassisted category, an iceberg crest of the
uncontrollables, will spread making zero the results credibility and
null the will to deal seriously.
Choosing to follow the realty and integrating and updating the Ham
contesting world to the real world, the chances to survive and keep
high the interest for contesting, possibly to young people, are not
If we want, HF contesting has nothing obsolete.

Mauri I4JMY

 > I think K5ZD is making a very important point about what
 > it means to be single op in a HF contest.
 > [By the way, all of these comments are simply my opinion,
 > and are the way I wish the rules actually read, not what
 > they mean now].
 > HF contests are conducted using technology which is now
 > completely obsolete.  We know that other forms of
 > communication (e.g., internet, satellites, telephones) are
 > superior, but we use HF because it is challenging and fun.
 > If you use any form of communication other than HF during
 > a contest, you are playing a different game.  That may make
 > it more fun for you, which is fine.  But in the world of SOAB
 > DX contesting, we are playing HF radio, not the information
 > superhighway.
 >     - Pat
 >       N9RV

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