[CQ-Contest] Re: Topband: Fw: CQWW 160m Contest

Valeri Stefanov wally at el-soft.com
Wed Feb 28 17:06:54 EST 2001

Hi Mauri,

As stated in my message, the points system could be left as it is.
Today I have read the rules for WWL Contest and I think that these rules
could be simply taken and a WWL Contest should be started for 160m only, if
we want everything to be fair. Since I know how relactant to the changes
they are at CQ I decided to suggest slow changes which evidently was a "bad
moove". Of course combining the QRB with squares is the best solution ( like
they made it in WWL).

Concerning the multipliers I do not agree that USA states/Canada
provinces should be counted as mults. It is made to compensate
Ws and VEs against the DXCC countries available to EUs,but such approach
favours those EU operators located to the West from say
9A,S50, I line and East Coast USA stations. How can you compare chances of
an EI ( even with the low dipole) and YO ,UA6 or LZ for example ?
I do not know if you ever been in Eastern Europe but on 160m what you hear
in Sofia is completely different from what you'll hear in Belgrade - just
only 500 km closer to the West !!! Same goes between a Middle West USA
station (W0AH) and VE1ZZ too.

I do not think that contest is created for working mainly DXes. Contest is
made for making QSOs and multipliers. IMHO the main fun comes from No. of
QSOs and rates  ! Those who are looking just for DXes usually operate out of
the contest and preffer to operate out of the contest because of the lower
levels of QRM and greater chances to pick up the DX call out of noise.
Evidence - K1ZM has called me for 15min in SSB part but when I had
HG1S,HG3DX , OM0WR comming 60db over S9 here how can I pick him up ? At the
same time an EI or EA could hear him without problems in case they have say
a dipole at 20m above ground and condx are relatively good.

So, I personally quit from CQ 160m contests in the future and will make just
few QSOs to give some points to the friends.
In case rules are changed I could change my mind.

Finally - Every one has his right of own opinion and every one makes his own
decisions. Exchanging opinions always lead to better solutions. That is why
I have sent my message to the lists.

Hope to work I4JMY on 10m in WPX SSB Mauri.

73's de Wally LZ2CJ

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