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CYBERGURUES lw9euj at ciudad.com.ar
Sun Jun 17 01:06:33 EDT 2001

Hi guys:
I don't believe there is controversy in the selection process for WRTC 2002.
The rules are clear enough.
Off course it could be better to discuss how to help the Finns achieve all
the goals they've set for this event....but there always will be people
giving their points of view on everything (myself included).
Talking about things to do: I hope many teens are invited to be part of this
beautiful event. I know there are tons of stations near Helsinki, so may be,
something could be arranged to encourage teens to take part in the IARU
contest in the multi single class. Also, children from schools could be
allowed to visit the participating TEAMS, etc.
There are countless things to do more important than talking endlessly about
the selection process.
S522R WRTC Beautiful Slovenia 2000.

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   I think it's sad for contesting all the controversy that is going
on concerning the selection of the WRTC-2002 teams. I really feel sorry
for OH1NOA and the other CCF guys having to deal with all this because
they probably feel like some guy swimming in river surrounded by
pirahnas ready to swoop on them!! I don't remember this happening
the last WRTC in 2000 or maybe I missed something ???

  I'm sure all of us can find some reason that we should be included
as a participant in WRTC-2002. I think every active contester at some
time as had some success in their contesting careers. Some of us are
primary domestic contesters who prefer SS, the Sprints, or the NAQP.
Others like to do DX contests. What you like to do is usually based on
some advantage you might have over everyone else. Propagation is a big
one. Everyone who is an active contester knows that most guys on the
east coast of the US prefer DX contests and the guys on the west coast
and Texas prefer domestic contests because of the propagation
they enjoy in these types of contests. Skill is a big factor as well
if you combine a skilled operator along with some advantage like this
it's unbeatable.  If you are near the "Black Hole" well... it's
unbearable. That's why we like to go to the Caribbean !!!

  We all also have preferences as what categories we like to enter.
like the challenge of operating the full 48 hours of a DX contest while
others would rather team up and do a multi-op with their friends. We
also have hordes of other categories such as Single-Band, Single-Op
Assisted.... and the list goes on... Some of us have a choice in the
matter what we want to do but others don't because they neither have
time or $$$ to build a competitive contest station. That's life...

 Now let us talk about the dilemma the the CCF faces... They want us to

tell them who we think 10 best contesters in the US are. Plus they
want us to split that into the east and west part of the US and pick
5 from each. Another dilemma they face is that there are literally
hundreds of contesters in the US who feel they are qualified to occupy
one of these spots and rightfully so. But how do we choose who the
best are??? Some of the guys who do SOAB argue they are the best but
in reality there are other great operators who prefer to do single band
or multis who could probably be competitive in the SOAB category if
they chose to do it. So what do we do ?????

 The CCF has accepted the huge and expensive undertaking of hosting
the WRTC-2002. So I think it would be fair if we accept the rules
and criteria they have set forth as far as rating operators. I know
many guys don't like the rules but you are just going to have to live
with them. There is no rule that says every WRTC has to be the same as
far as how operators are chosen or how the winners are determined. If
you don't like the rules then wait until the next one after 2002 comes

   All this got me to thinking as to if I am qualified to be considered
for a WRTC 2002 team. I have never really been a big SOAB guy in DX
contests but I did have some success when I did a couple SOAB's in ARRL
DX from KW8N back in the early 1990's. One time I even made the top
ten. But there are lots of guys that do that year after year. Strike
One ??? Since that time I have bought a house, got married and started
a family I really don't have the time to build a big station so I have
to get my DX contest fix by doing Multi's with friends such as W8AV,
K8CC, and K3LR.

    On the domestic side.. I have done pretty well in SS, Sprints, NAQP
etc... But I have never really won or even made the top ten in a SO
category. Strike two ????   I have operated in the Caribbean as part
of many multi-ops and some single-ops and won some contests from there.
Doesn't that count ?? I'm not really sure. I think the CCF is looking
more how you have done from home in the SOAB catagory.... Oh well. I
guess then I have come to the conclusion that there are probably alot
of guys who are probably much more deserving then I but hey it would be
great if one of them picked me because most of my contesting friends
think I'm pretty good contester........

                       73's and hope to see all my contesting friends
                       in Dayton....
                                         Jeff  KU8E

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