[CQ-Contest][CQ-Contest] Andrews ¼” Heliax for HF?

Peter Barron ve3pn at igs.net
Mon Jun 18 02:34:30 EDT 2001

Hi Marty

Re thin Heliax as others noted the jacket is thin and can be nicked however
another problem is it can be bent to too small a radius if you are not
careful. Lay the lengths out or spool from a reel at base of tower and  use
a taped on thick hauling line (about 3ft onto coax) to raise it, that can
help stop bends happening at arkward times.
Use some means of securing to the tower or mast every 6 to 10ft good tape
does work

On all heliax connectors make sure to use some 3M Self Amalgamating tape
before putting coax seal on or better still use tape plus 122 Rubber
Splicing Tape Cat #2004 ,from Plymouth Bishop Insulating Products , Plymouth
Rubber Corp Canton MA or anything similar.

As standard PL259 are not waterproof I'd fit a Boot made of I heat shrink
with a good tight fit over the tape and anything else. ( I.E / don't waste
the good  stuff). If you can't get a total solder seal to the plus and
reducer  watch  out for water ingress into the cable.  I'd still use a boot
over the whoel connected assembly though.

Ve3pn at igs.net

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