[CQ-Contest] IC-211 Help Needed

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Thu Jun 7 00:26:51 EDT 2001

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I was in hopes of getting on 2-meter SSB for the VHF QSO Party this weekend 
(this IS a contest-related message) after coming into an IC-211 
unexpectedly.  However, and this is where you come in, I didn't get a 
manual (I'll probably order one from W7FG, but can't one in time for 
Saturday) and I can't get it to power-up.  The fuse is good, but neither AC 
or DC power makes the lights come on.  I'll bet there's a remote switch or 
some kind of secret to this.

Any suggestions are welcome - please just reply to hwardsil at wolfenet.com so 
the entire world doesn't have to learn how to turn on an IC-211 (and I look 
like an idiot to the minimum number of people...)

73, Ward N0AX

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