[CQ-Contest] Computer interface for TS940S

Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg at contesting.com
Thu Jun 7 07:03:41 EDT 2001


Using Kenwood's design, you need two things: one for
inside the radio and one for outside...

Inside) You need an IF-10B (not A or C or D) for
inside the radio. It's a kit with an EPROM/board and
some small parts - cap/resistor maybe.

Outside) You need a level converter.  I think
Kenwood's number was IF-232.  It's a little box (about
the size of a Bencher paddle) that runs on 12VDC.

As far as I know, the stuff is no longer available
retail or directly from Kenwood.  However...

A modern approach is PIEXX's - they sell one gizmo for
US$ 89 - all of it goes inside the radio.  Some have
complained that it comes with a ribbon cable to 9-pin
D-sub connector that one needs to sneak out under the
940's top cover.  Might seem a bit inelegant, but
there's probably no better practical solution short of
tearing the radio apart.


73 Mike N2MG

"Yuri Onipko" wrote:

 > What exactly do I need to control Kenwood TS-940S from the computer?

K7LXC wrote:

 >     I've got a 940 that I was hoping to get
 > compatible with CT, TR, etc. I've
 > got the Kenwood interface. Is there another unit I
 > need and what is it?

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