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Jim Rhodes rhodes at evertek.net
Thu Jun 7 11:01:07 EDT 2001

Actually what Mike says is correct, but I believe you stated that you had
the "Kenwood interface", without knowing if you mean the IF-10B  or the
IF-232 I don't know what you need. If you have the IF-10B installed in the
radio, you need the IF-232 or equivalent (there are several suppliers or
you can roll your own). If what you have is the IF-232 you need to find a
used IF-10B or just buy the Piexx board and forget about the IF-232 (it
isn't needed with the Piexx board). If you are an extremely lucky guy and
have them both you just need to hookup & configure. Personally I could
never understand why the rig manufacturers didn't just put and RS232 port
on the back of the rigs like the newer Kenwoods. If they wanted to be
current now, they would incorporate a USB or firewire port!

Good luck.

 >Using Kenwood's design, you need two things: one for
 >inside the radio and one for outside...
 >Inside) You need an IF-10B (not A or C or D) for
 >inside the radio. It's a kit with an EPROM/board and
 >some small parts - cap/resistor maybe.
 >Outside) You need a level converter.  I think
 >Kenwood's number was IF-232.  It's a little box (about
 >the size of a Bencher paddle) that runs on 12VDC.
 >As far as I know, the stuff is no longer available
 >retail or directly from Kenwood.  However...
 >A modern approach is PIEXX's - they sell one gizmo for
 >US$ 89 - all of it goes inside the radio.  Some have
 >complained that it comes with a ribbon cable to 9-pin
 >D-sub connector that one needs to sneak out under the
 >940's top cover.  Might seem a bit inelegant, but
 >there's probably no better practical solution short of
 >tearing the radio apart.
 >73 Mike N2MG
 >"Yuri Onipko" wrote:
 >  >
 >  > What exactly do I need to control Kenwood TS-940S from the computer?
 >K7LXC wrote:
 >  >     I've got a 940 that I was hoping to get
 >  > compatible with CT, TR, etc. I've
 >  > got the Kenwood interface. Is there another unit I
 >  > need and what is it?
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