[CQ-Contest] WAE Contests!

Eric Hall K9GY K9GY at contesting.com
Sat Jun 9 11:41:57 EDT 2001

WAE CW is in nine weeks!

I would like you to consider operating in the WAE contest:

CW  is  August   11th and 12th.
SSB is  September 8th and  9th.


The WAE is really a fun contest!

In my opinion, the WAE deserves more activity, especially from the
United States. In the same way Europeans support the ARRL DX contest
with their activity, U.S. stations should support a European based contest.
Ask yourself, how many Europeans did you work in this year's ARRL DX contest?
 >From the U.S. East coast, the percentage of Europeans can be 60-80%!

Some "complaints" I have heard regarding WAE:

* It is only 36 hrs for S/O.
   If you operated S/O in WPX, it is only 36 hours also!

* Some people don't like the QTC feature.
   There is no requirement to send QTC. Europeans will love you if you do,
   but you do not have to send QTC if you do not want to.

* It is in the middle of summer or fall (at least in the Northern Hemisphere).
   A great time to test out those changes to your station before the CQ WW!

* Packet can be used by all classes.
   Why limit the amount of fun you can have?
   Use it if you got it, get it if you don't have it.

So get on...become "radio-active" in the WAE contests this year!

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