[CQ-Contest] more on Cinch Jones

Bruce Makas k1my at qwest.net
Sat Jun 9 08:11:49 EDT 2001

I too have needs of Cinch Jones connectors for an antenna project that I am
working on but am a little confused by what is available.

Series 300 is the one everyone seems to be looking for but Cinch no longer
makes an 8 pin series 300 version (I wonder why). Ref: www.cinch.com

Cinch does manufacture a 2400 series that seems to be very similar to the
300 series but a little larger. Is that the only difference and if so is it
an appropriate alternative to the 300 series?

I have also run across a Cinch Jones connector B754 (plug) and B764
(socket). Does anyone know what this 8 pin connector is? Will it do the job?

If all else fails, does anyone else make an 8 pin plug/panel mount socket
that is good for our applications? Who stocks them?

Thanks in advance,

Bruce K1MY

Sunny Sun Lakes, Arizona

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