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4O6A HAM Lovers 4o6a at cg.yu
Sun Jun 10 05:14:31 EDT 2001

Hello to all of my friends,

It is my final  project stage of monster rotary tower on my Contest site =
on Obosnik hill, before we start with production. It has to be primary =
low bands tower, but because tower is rotary, of course it will be load =
with standard vertical stacks for 20/15/10m bands. And for 2m too!

I attach drawing of tower.

Four duobanders ( 2 el./80 and 3 el./40m ) on boom about 14m, full size =
has to be on heights 80/60/40/20m. For 80m idea is to be Yagi with =
director, because on this geographical location we do not care about F/B =
Every suggestion in next three hot weeks are welcome. I did not decide =
what kind of CW/SSB switching on 80m antenna will be used and I am still =
searching for the most efficiency solutions? I am sure that most of you =
will help with ideas and advices about resolving many electrical and =
mechanical problems.

The most important facts are:

   a.. All antennas will be produce from galvanized steel=20
   b.. Weight is less important than wind area.

Existing towers are:
1. Self-supporting tower 48m with 3el./80m, 7el./10m, 5/5/5/5/5/5/7el. =
for 15m
2. 40 m GP  for 160m with: 4el./40m, stacks for 20/10m

I can put new Low Bands tower anywhere on the west.

On pictures you can see existing antennas and towers.


You can forward this e-mail to anyone who   can help!!

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