[CQ-Contest] WAE concerns

k9gy at ix.netcom.com k9gy at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jun 11 19:41:12 EDT 2001

In an attempt to field some of the things 
raised regarding WAE rules:

#1) Multipliers count more on low bands…

To clarify, WAE mults are x2 on 40m and x3 on 80m.
The total number of available multipliers is always less 
than (or equal) to the total number of available QSOs. 

Either way you look at it, 
adding an "additional factor" to either the 
QSO pts (as in CQ WW for continent) or 
for multipliers (as in WAE), 
the answer can (sometimes) be very similar. 

For example, take a band log of 200 QSOs, and 30 mults. 
(200 x 3) x 30 
is the exact same as 
200 x (30 x 3) 

How much difference is there between giving more weight to 
a low band multiplier than having a zone multiplier? 
How many stations work all 40 zones on either 40m or 80m in WW? 

#2) Why no SO2R for working NON-MULT stations?

I looked over the WW and ARRL rules for comparison.
The M/S (and M/2) rules are somewhat similar, 
either 10 min or 6 band changes. 
The S/O is not limited by band changes.

An important difference is that there are no single band entries 
for WAE. Entrants are all-band whether they be S/O or M/O... 

I would tend to agree that from a S/O standpoint you might as 
well allow SO2R for non-mult QSOs, and just restrict M/O like 
ARRL and WW. Although, there is a strategy factor involved in 
the WAE method. 

Furthermore, only three rest periods can be taken. 
Which also plays into strategy too.

Not every contest is going to be the same, 
if they were, we would be doing the CQ WW multiple times per year... 

73, Eric K9GY 

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