[CQ-Contest] DX Contestvention date?

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Mon Jun 11 19:52:49 EDT 2001

Fellow Contesters.

We are happy to report that Tesla RC has now a new home at a beautiful 
mountain resort Verkhovyna in Glen Spey, NY, near Port Jervis, NY and 
Matamoras, PA, where NY, NJ and PA meet. Situated in recreation area, where 
Poconos and Catskills meet, near the white water rafting and canoeing center 
of Delaware River, with private lake, camping, motel, meeting room facilities 
capable of accommodating from small picnics to ethnic festivals of thousands 
of people. 

We are preparing to host the annual get together, miniconvention style for 
ham radio competitive types - DXers, Contesters, VHFers, Fox hunters, etc. In 
order to establish and lock the repetitive date for the event, we are asking 
for vote on the most convenient date. We are leaning towards middle of 
September or middle of October and we fill this would be appropriate to fill 
the hole between the major contests and other conventions (Dayton, Visalia). 
We have submitted question at the Contesting.com page, when it appears, 
please cast your vote and indicate your preference. (Or e-mail me directly.)

We are also planning to have Radio Camps for children and adults in the 
summer at that place .

More details will be available on the upcoming home pages.

Thank you for your suggestions and putting this event on your calendar.

73 Yuri, K3BU
pres.  <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/k3bu/TeslaRC.htm">Tesla Radioclub</A>  

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