[CQ-Contest] Certificate of Merit?

Pietro pietromtf at tin.it
Tue Jun 12 17:38:47 EDT 2001

Hallo Guys,
in the 2000 edition of WPX SSB i worked like SO AB T/S, right today i =
recevied a Certificate of Merit for this contest.
This "piece of paper" is one of bonuses for the work did in contest and =
it makes remember the hard job did.

If i work in the T/S category my result is in the T/S Results! Is =
simple. I don't understand why the Certificate is for General Results?   =
  (......so if i was 1st Place in the General Results i never had =
questions! hi)
What do you think about?

Pietro-IK4MTF (also IU4T)

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