[CQ-Contest] The "real" answer?

Eric Hall K9GY K9GY at contesting.com
Wed Jun 13 12:58:58 EDT 2001

I have come to the conclusion...

that it is far easier for people to pick apart a contest rule(s) 
and use that as an excuse to not operate in the contest,  
than it is to actually get on the air and operate in it... 

Again I ask, how many Europeans did your station work in the ARRL DX?
What would your score be if you did not work those Europeans? 

Maybe some Europeans will decide to pass on ARRL DX due to some 
little rule they don't like? Personally, if I was in HB or DL or 
wherever in EU in Feb/March, I wouldn't be working a bunch of Americans on HF! 
I would be out skiing, hiking, etc... Ever think about that?

So, what's the "real" answer for not operating a particular contest? 

Oh well, no wonder ham radio (and contesting) is on shaky ground.

Long live CW! 

73, Eric K9GY

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