[CQ-Contest] WRTC & PED

Tom HammondNØSS n0ss at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 14 12:50:06 EDT 2001

I try to keep my mouth shut most of the time, but...

As one of those who makes a number of CW Pileups each year (Dayton/KCDX, 
W9DXCC, WWARA,  WRTC 2000, and several others), I wish to add only one 

Someone commented that as a contester, he'd seldom had a large number of 
stations calling him at one time. For a stateside station, I can understand 
this. However having been on the 'other' end, I can attest that it's not at 
all unusual to have a BUNCH of stations all calling you at one time.

One test of a good operator is not only his/her ability to pick one station 
out of many, but to ACCURATELY pick one station out of a FEW!!! And on the 
first call... not after repeated attempts. The operator who can pick out a 
station on the FIRST PASS is the one who will stand a greater chance of 
making the higher Q rate.

Unless specifically requested to do so, I ALWAYS create my pileups to 
include no more than two (2) stations calling at the same time... of 
course, a bit of QRN is added to enhance the 'challenge'. But, even with 
only two tracks of calls being sent, such pileups (I feel) are a pretty 
decent test of the operator's ability to accurately catch calls on the 
first pass.

That's all.

Tom Hammond   N0SS

Bob Naumann - N5NJ wrote:
>I think this (pileup tapes) is a measurable, consistent way of comparing 
>the operators
>pileup copying capability.
>Since it is recorded, the comparison of one operator to another is real.  In
>other words, this is really leveling the playing field by having everyone
>copy the same calls from the very same pre-recorded pileup.
>I do not, however, think that one can conclude anything about one's
>on-the-air ability based on these types of tests.  This sort of situation is
>more stressful than on the air since you can't ask for fills or get the
>pileup to pause while you work someone.  This pileup does not emulate the
>way any of us operates - unless we SWL someone else's pileup.

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