[CQ-Contest] New W4AN Web Site

Bill Fisher W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Fri Jun 15 02:09:43 EDT 2001

I created a new web site for my station.  Although this in itself isn't
probably newsworthy, the principles behind this site might be...

This site will act as my notepad, diary, 2do list, and information
resource.  As such, it may be interesting to someone else who is thinking
about designing their own station or maybe just reading someone else's
diary of doing such a thing.  

I'm organizing the site by band and contest, with all notes and results
summarized by most recent on the site home page and area home pages.  

In the near future I hope to add articles on each of my antennas which
will include AO and YO model files, plots, and graphs.  

You can check it out at http://www.w4an.com.  Feel free to leave your own
comments, questions, opinions, or your own notes.  


Bill, W4AN

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