[CQ-Contest] On-Off Time Calculator

Bill Turner W7TI w7ti at jps.net
Thu Jun 14 18:33:51 EDT 2001

After years of figuring out my on and off times by hand, I
finally got smart and set up an Excel spreadsheet to do it.
Should have done it years ago.  If you'd like a copy, email me
and I'll send it as an attachment.  It's a small file, only 16kb,
and nothing fancy but it does the job.  Requires Excel 97 or
later to run it.  You can do a copy and paste into your summary
sheet and it will look like this:

ON	06/09 00:00	
OFF	06/09 05:00	
ON	06/09 11:52	
OFF	06/09 12:21	
ON	06/09 15:08	
OFF	06/09 17:59	
ON	06/09 21:23	
OFF	06/09 21:24	
ON	06/09 23:00	
OFF	06/10 04:03	
ON	06/10 12:42	
OFF	06/10 19:15	
ON	06/10 20:53	
OFF	06/11 00:00	
TOTAL TIME ON:	00 23:04 (dd hh:mm)

Feel free to add bells and whistles and email it back!

email to:  w7ti at jps.net

73, Bill W7TI

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