[CQ-Contest] Dayton & Crown ePlaza - 2002

Ron Klein - W0OSK w0osk at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jun 16 17:43:50 EDT 2001

After 42 years licensed, it's time for my XYL, N0AJB, and I to finally 
attend Dayton - 2002. The previous 3 years, family events have 
prevented it.... next year, we've declared there won't be any family 
events that weekend, hi.

I've been pretty inactive in contesting/dxing in recent years, but I'm 
sure the things that go on in that area at the Crowne Plaza are the 
banquets we want to attend, so I'd like to get a room there.

The Crown Plaza reservations folks tell me all rooms are blocked. 
Their corporate reservation person tells me they are set aside for 
the Hamvention.... I assume that means the contesters/Dxers.

Who do I contact - and how do I somehow get a room in the block 
that has been set aside by the community?

If somebody could point me to the right person/place, I'd really 
appreciate it.

Maybe by next year, I'll have found time to get back at 
contesting/dx'ing.... I keep temporarily failing, via some consulting 
deals, the retirement which I embarked on 2 years ago, and have 
been diverted as a result. Other fun stuff has also interfered. Next 
season, I'm gonna try not to let that happen!

Thanks for info..... either email me direct at w0osk at arrl.net 
(preferably) or here on the forum.


Ron - W0OSK


Ron - W0OSK
w0osk at ix.netcom.com

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