[CQ-Contest] Andrews 1/4" Heliax for HF?

Joe Pontek v31jp at logical123.net
Sat Jun 16 19:49:34 EDT 2001


I believe this is the Super Flex variety. It is UV rated, but the jacket
is very thin compared to regular Heliax. I use this for internal jumpers
because it is really 100% shielded.

I do not use this outside, nor the 1/2" variety, because the jacket will not
take much abuse. This is speaking commercially and for ham radio use.

> Wondering if anyone is using Andrews 1/4" Heliax (FSJ1-50A) to feed an HF
> antenna. I'm running a very modest station - 1kW max to a tribander on my
> roof, so nothing too fancy or too far (feedline is about 75 ft max).
> I acquired a bunch of it and was thinking of replacing my old
> RG-8 with it
> -- from the specifications
> (http://www.andrew.com/PRODUCTS/basestation/heliax/50gphpfr.asp),
> it seems
> that it'll easily handle the legal limit and has about .4dB less
> attenuation at 30MHz than RG-8, RG-213, etc.
> And as an extra bonus, it's easy to install a standard UHF connector by
> using a UG-176 (or is it 175) reducer, soldered directly to the outer
> copper shell of the coax.
> Is there any reason I *wouldn't* want to use this stuff?
> Thanks
> -Marty NW0L

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